Spirits Aloud. May 22nd

70 minute séance. Blackout conditions.

Medium: Brian in the cabinet with his arms and legs secured to his chair with cable ties.
David strapped into his chair in the north corner of the lodge (this upon advice from spirit)
Sitters and witnesses: Christine, Jon and Paul

A particularly quiet evening. There was very little sound from within the cabinet and no spirit voice communication throughout the blackout period.

At the end of the séance, after informing spirit of her intention, and having asked them to ensure the safety of the Circle and the Mediums, Chris turned the red light on and discovered that both Brian and David were still ‘out’. David was showing signs of ‘returning’ when she carefully opened the cabinet curtain (she felt instructed to do this). She then cut the ties binding Brian to his chair (again feeling the instruction). When doing this she noted that Brian was totally unconscious. There was no reactivity to her touch or words, there was not even a ‘skin tremor’. This was a learning curve for Chris.
The reality of the deep trance state was noted and confirmed.

After a few minutes Chris asked for The Chief to come forward to communicate through Brian, which he did. He explained that when ‘they’ take Brian into a deeper state of trance they have difficulty getting him to return to his body. This was described as a minor problem. The Chief also told us that they are working with Brian internally. Again this was described as a short-term issue for ‘them’. The Chief told us that he too is new to this work and is interested and impatient to experience what is evolving.

Chris DiNucci