Spirits Aloud. May 1st

90 minute séance. Total blackout conditions.

Medium: Brian in the cabinet.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. David. Jon. Paul.

NOTE: Brian was secured with cable ties. Each arm was fixed to the arms of the chair. His legs were fixed to the front two chair legs. A pillow case covered his head. A belt tied his waist into the chair. The chair itself is a green plastic garden chair.

Various sounds were heard within the cabinet. Tinkling bells, from the tiny cat-balls placed within the cabinet were heard. Later on, many times, knocking and creaking was heard. A quiet but high pitched whistle was also heard twice on tape.

Towards the end of the séance period the CD player failed to function. Chris made adjustments, including changing the CD….with various results and further failures. We all wondered if Spirit required the length of the séance to be extended. This theory remains unconfirmed and we await further clarity.

Following the failure of the CD player The Chief communicated through Brian. This has been recorded in full.

When the light was switched on at the end of the séance Brian’s chair was
turned around to face the right side of the cabinet. This represents as 135deg turn. The pillow case had also been removed from his head and was lying on the floor to his right. All cable ties and waist belt remained secure. The little cat balls with bells insoide had been moved. Two small toys also within the cabinet remained in their original positions.

*The “strong” energy within the Lodge was felt by everyone as soon as the séance began.

*Early in the séance Chris felt as if a spirit entity touched her skirt on the right side. She asked them NOT to touch her without first asking her permission.

*At the end of the séance it was noted that David was in deep trance. He had little awareness or memory of events during the séance. We wonder why this occurred and feel quite strongly that his condition was spirits intent

Chris DiNucci