Spirits Aloud. April 17th

Total blackout conditions. 70 minute séance.

Medium: Brian in cabinet.

Sitters and witnesses: Christine. David. Jon. Paul. Justin.

Fairly early in the séance both of Brian’s trainers were ‘thrown’ out of the cabinet, hitting the trumpet over. The sound was sudden and loud, catching us all by surprise.

During the séance woolly fog was often seen, sometimes obscuring the glo tabs. There also appeared to be fluctuations in the temperature within the building.

The Chief spoke through Brian and told us that he should not wear shoes when within the cabinet as they wasted energies removing them. They said that these energies could be used for other things. We queried whether the sitter’s shoes should also be removed, and this was said to be a good idea ‘for next time’. It was also said that Brian should be more grounded.


Just before the séance Chris was ‘told’ to say to Brian that he should drink only water for two hours prior to sitting in the cabinet. Unfortunately she had only just made him a cup of coffee, so the message was a bit too late! She passed it on to him for future reference.

Early in the morning following this séance Chris was ‘ told’ that the Medium’s chair is unsuitable for the purpose intended. This particular Vessel, when seated in the chair, requires ‘intervention’ so as to enable his feet to make firm contact with the ground. She was told that spirit spent most of last evening working to do this.

As Chris couldn’t remember noticing whether Brian’s feet DO touch the ground or not, she responded to this 'perceived’ message by saying “Are you sure?”
The response to this remark was instantaneous “You’re like an old record! Change the cartridge!”

Chris was about to say that ‘they’ meant needle (as in the good old days her first record player had a needle) when she realised that the name of the 'needle' she used to regularly buy for her old record player was called a Shure cartridge.

This 'proves nothing' to Chris (who is uncertain of her own abilities to receive communication from spirit)…but was enough to make her eyes open wide with shock!

The chair will be replaced with an existing high backed garden chair of standard type.

Chris DiNucci