Spirits Aloud. May 15th

Red light conditions. 85 minute séance.

Trance mediums: David and Jon
Sitters and witnesses: Christine,Paul, Justin, Ollie.

David was seated beside the cabinet, with Jon beside him. The intention for the evening was for Jon to experience trance for the second time, either with or without support from David (established trance medium).

Both David and Jon displayed indications of pending trance very soon into the séance.
Therefore Christine decided to simply invite spirit to draw closer for communication through either of the two mediums. The blending of energies between the two mediums was not requested nor was it necessary. Jon worked independently of support from David.

Therefore we now have two established trance mediums within our Circle : )

The first communicator through David was White Eagle. He spoke about the recent vandalism to the sanctuary and gave reassurance about this.

The second communicator came through Jon. This entity was reluctant to give his name, as he feels names to be unnecessary. He spoke of having some difficulty in making communication through the medium, who was not able to relax. Jon’s physical body shaking was mentioned by Christine and assurance given that all was well and that this would pass.

The third communicator came through David. This was Brother John. He gave a loving and supportive message to the group.

The fourth communication came through Jon. This entity was felt by Paul to be an entity known to him as Hussein. Hussein spoke directly to Paul, discussing a previous message with him and giving further confirmation about a young girl who is beside Paul, to his right side. She was described by Hussein as being a friend, rather than a guide. An older man was also mentioned as being close to Paul, said to be a relative of his who had recently passed, on his father’s side of the family.

The fifth communicator was Black Eagle who said that he felt it necessary to come forward as someone within the group felt a need for healing. It was suggested that this person should remove their garments and open themselves to the sun and the beauty and natural energies around them. Chris joked that such behaviour would not be socially acceptable within the Cribbs Causeway area. Black Eagle agreed with this but encouraged us to consider taking time to enjoy the healing benefits of fresh air, the woodland and the countryside.

The final communication was through Jon. An entity who gave his name as Charlie. He spoke gently of many things. Particularly, in response to a question by Justin regarding connecting with deceased loved ones, he was very profound with his words. QUOTE "It is not the shape of the clouds that give meaning, but the meaning we give their shape that matters." Lovely!

Chris DiNucci