Spirit Friends. June 29th

Blackout conditions. 75 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)
Sitters and witnesses: David, Dave and Christine (each wearing glo tabs)

Almost from the start of the seance various sounds were evident from within the cabinet. Tapping, thuds and creaking noises. Later on during the seance several very loud bangs were heard.

Towards the end of the seance The Chief came through to say that he had been busy blending the various energies, ectoplasm and universal energies. He said that the warmth within the building caused some difficulty due to the heavier atmosphere, but assured us that steady progress was being made.

Upon closure of the seance, when the light was switched on it was seen that the Medium's chair had been moved around by 45deg. Also that the two cable ties which had secured the Medium's arms to the chair were hanging from the back of the arm rests....leaving both his arms free.

Yet another interesting evening!

Many thanks to all Circle members for their commitment to our project : )

Christine Di Nucci