Spirit Friends. Mar 9th

Séance took place in dim lighting conditions. 75 minute seance.

Trance medium: David
Sitters: Christine. Dave. Brian. Helen (new)

The séance procedures ran a little more quietly than usual. David enabled communication from the entity known to us as White Eagle. Brian enabled communication from an entity known to us as The Chief. This despite Brian requesting permission from Christine not to work within trance that evening and for them agreeing this.

A mains powered cassette recorder was used to record communications, but due to the positioning of the microphone one Medium’s voice was clearer than the other and background noise affected all of the recording. Also, due to limited recording capacity some of the messages were missed.

White Eagle acknowledged our new visitor and told her that she would be going abroad to help those who need her particular gifts. He told her that her travels would commence in two years time. Her experiences would be tiring and demanding, there would be hardship but that she would settle to do the work. He told her that an Eagle was with her and this eagle had the attributes that she herself carries. He also told her that a Chinese child would be helping her. He was presenting himself as a child of aged 9 or 10, but has highly evolved through many hundred of years. He understands the children and their needs and will be a Helper. His name was given as “Yang Po”

White Eagle spoke of the energies within the Lodge and told us that a blending was taking place, which would take a certain length of time (unspecified of course). In response to Chris’s question with regard to whether there is sufficient energy within the Tuesday circle for physical manifestation in solid form to take place? The reply given again referred to the blending of energies over time.

Chris asked if the footfalls within the building on Tuesday were caused by spirit. She was told that the sound was heard, and this was caused by the energy within the Lodge. He said that it has been described as a footfall….the sound being that similar to a footfall. This is understandable.

Chris asked about the problem of the battery-operated items within the Lodge. She asked if spirit were connected with affecting these? The reply was that all energies within the building were affected by the blending process.

The Chief mentioned an entity who has visited the previous week. Blaze. He remarked that this entity had too much energy and needed to become more controlled. The Chief was excluding him this evening.

The Chief then addressed himself to Dave and complimented him on his Healing abilities, which he said travelled through air.
Brian had had dental treatment that day and the healing energies within the venue were helpful and were being used. The Chief said that this is why Brian had been placed within trance state, as this enabled spirit to work with him to his advantage.

The Chief spoke of positive energy and positive thoughts being of greater value and of higher power than negativity. He spoke of energy transference during Healing. The Healer receives energy from the patient, and transfers it back as positive energy.

The Chief also acknowledged our new visitor. He asked for permission to ask a question, which Christine gave. He then asked Helen if she intends to come again. He then welcomed her energy to the Circle.

NOTE: A microphone will be more favourably positioned for the next séance.
Christine will try to find a more suitable tape recording device…

Chris Di Nucci