Spirit Friends. May 4th

Red light séance conditions.

Trance mediums: David and Brian.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. Dave and Beverley (guest).

The first communicator was White Eagle, who came through David. He was in cheerful mood and welcomed our guest, saying that he felt a powerful entity with her. A Native American Princess named something ‘Moon’ (lack of her full name is due to our tape recorder not being active tonight).

The second communicator was Blaze, who came through Brian. He too welcomed our guest. He gave Christine answers to all her questions. He confirmed that both ectoplasm and universal energies were being used last Tuesday, and will continue to be used for various purposes within the lodge.

He told us that the chair had been moved by natural means, through an alteration of the substance of the chair. We were told that, the day before, Brian has coughed up white stuff, a residue of ectoplasm. He had done the same in childhood, and had then been taken to his GP, who didn’t know what it was. After the séance Brian confirmed this.

The third communicator was again White Eagle. He told of how youths in his time roamed the plains and learned natural disciplines. This was in response to concerns about the recent vandalism to the Lodge.

Then back to Brian again for communicator Running Bear ‘The Chief’. The Chief told us that he wants very much to display himself in full regalia, and will do this if he gets the chance. He is working towards this and is impatient and excited to be doing so. He also said that someone wishes to communicate specifically to Christine using direct voice when this phenomenon has been enabled. Within another seance he has told Christine that he will do so, when the time is right. He said this is someone who does not work exclusively with one medium. Christine, of course, understood who this is.

The Chief also turned to our guest Beverley and informed her that she sees visual images in detail and has abilities as a trance medium, should she wish to use them.

The Chief has a great sense of humour and made many jokes! He also gave Dave formal recognition of his healing ability. A most welcome communicator!

Finally a few quiet words from Brother John, who spoke through David. He brought love from the Spirit world.

A fantastic evening. The lack of recording is sad….very sad : (

Chris was woken at 6am. She then e-mailed Brian to ask him to bring a sample of the substance, should this occur again. Modern science may analyse it.

She was also told that the lack of recording wasn’t their doing and that she must remain vigilant

Chris DiNucci