Spirit Friends. Mar 30th

Blackout conditions within the seance room.

Medium: Brian in the cabinet. This was his first sitting there.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine, David and Dave.

Brian had been strapped into the chair by Christine.
Note: This is the first time Christine had felt able to strap anyone into the chair within the cabinet. Always she has felt a 'block' to her doing this.

Various sounds came from the cabinet area all evening. Several times Brian was heard coughing and a few times seemed to be choking ...although Chris felt that he was ok. The seance proceeded with the volume on the music control set low so as to hear should the Medium ask for assistance, or ask to be released. Dave asked Chris if we should perhaps talk to the Medium, but Chris felt that we should not interfere. This may sound uncaring, but isn't the case. Chris felt strongly that the work within the cabinet needed to be allowed to proceed and evolve.

Towards the end of the seance a communicator or gatekeeper, believed to be The Chief, came forward, speaking through the Medium, with some 'unusual' control of the Medium's voice box.
The entity came forward gradually, with initial 'odd' sounds heard by Chris, to which she responded quietly prior to true communication being apparent. The Chief asked for patience within the Circle and assured them that spirit were working behind the scenes.

Full recordings held by Circle leader.

Soon after communication ended and the red light was switched on it was seen that Brian’s trainer shoe was 3ft outside of the cabinet.

Chris DiNucci