Spirit Friends. Mar 2nd

Dim light conditions. 80 minute seance

Trance mediums: David and Brian

Sitters: Christine. David. Darlene. Dave. Brian.

• Unfortunately this seance wasn't recorded due to gadget failure: (

Brian was in deep trance state for over an hour. His main guide (known as The Chief) came through with much to say. Many questions were asked. These were general queries about energies and blending relating to ourselves within the venue.

Brian then brought through another entity of lesser order who chatted with laughter. Christine asked this entity how clearly he could see the lodge. He replied that whilst waiting for us to arrive there he and others were able to look around ... but once we arrived and he entered the vessel he could see less as he was using the vessels eyes and the vessel's head needed to be turned in the direction he wished to look. Christine asked if this entity might be able to write his name, or write a message for us, if he were given paper and pen. The entity said that he didn't know. Christine then laid a sheet of paper and a pen on the chair beside Brian. The entity (with Brian remaining in deep trance state, with no increase in awareness) was able to print his name: BLAZE. Christine, Dave and Darlene were fully alert at this time and act witness to this event.

David was in deepest trance for the whole of The Chief s communication through Brian (i.e David was zapped out and unaware of anything at all).

Later on David's trance state then lightened a little and Black Elk communicated through David' s gatekeeper (gatekeeper appeared to translate).

An interesting evening...
Chris Di Nucci