Spirit Friends. April 27th

Blackout conditions.

Medium: Brian in cabinet.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. David. Darlene. Dave.

A quiet evening for the most part. Evidence of woolly light grey mist, witnessed and mentioned by all sitters.

Coughs and choking sounds were often heard within the cabinet. Creaking sounds (as of wood) were also heard from this area, and were recorded on tape. The chair is plastic and the frame of the cabinet is wood with curtains fixed to it.

When Herman’s Hermits ‘There’s a kind of hush’ was playing we were quietly singing along and there were gentle sounds of apparent Spirit laughter from the cabinet and little ‘whoop’ sounds were recorded on tape. Full communication has also been recorded.

NOTE: At the end of the séance it was noted that the buckled strap securing Brian’s legs was laid loosely (still fastened) just inside the cabinet.

After the séance Brain told us that he had sometimes felt as if the chair was made of jelly. Also the temperature within the cabinet seemed to have fallen during the séance. He had been unaware of the strap fastening his legs together, but had become aware at some point that the strap was no longer there and that his legs were positioned apart.

Chris DiNucci