Spirit Friends. May 25th

Red light séance. 65 minutes.

Trance medium: David

Sitters and witnesses: Christine. Dave. Geoff( guest).

The séance began with a short ‘settling in’ period due to our visitor, who had no previous experience of trance or mediumship, needing to feel at ease within the séance environment.

Two songs were then played before an entity known to us by the name of White Eagle came forward for communication. White Eagle brought evidential communication towards our guest. He referred to a small health issue and also gave the name of Mrs Smith as being known to our guest. Aside from this White Eagle spoke of his people and the lands where they lived and the policies that were in place at the time.

When White Eagle departed another entity, known to us as Brother John came forward to communicate. He too gave time to our guest, telling him of a grandparent who was supportive towards him as a Guide.

Chris asked if there was anyone else waiting to come through, with a message for anyone else in the group. She was curious to know whether Dave’s ‘deceased’ wife Yolanda would communicate. This was due to Dave’s telling the group prior to the séance about some escapade he had been involved in…..which had resulted in his daughter being upset. True to form, Yolanda did indeed have some things to say! Filled with mirth, she recommended that Dave fit a lock to his door next time!

Our final communication involved the release of a lost child named Gemma. Gemma displayed herself as a being of light. She lost her life through diphtheria in the 1920’s. With support and guidance she was able to meet with her parents again.

Yet another interesting evening!
Chris DiNucci