Spirit Friends. April 20th

Red light séance conditions. 45 minute séance.

Trance medium: David
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. Darlene. Dave.

Brother John came through and spoke of the pleasures of the countryside and the value of being at one with nature.

In response to a question regarding Spirit’s message to us about ensuring that our Medium, when working with energies within the cabinet, keeps his feet upon the ground, Brother John told us that of course he (a monk) walked barefoot, which enabled contact with earth energies. It was also mentioned that the pressure points on the soles of the feet are stimulated when walking barefoot.

He went on to speak about Charlie, a friend of Dave’s. Dave enjoyed this communication very much.

A “thought form” energy was brought forward for Darlene. This related to a child named Robin…..who has learning difficulties and feels great frustration within the school classroom setting. Spirit told of this child suffering pains in his head. This child was said to be at peace overnight, he was then at one with Spirit.

Thanks to David for the trance work which enabled this Spirit communication.

Chris DiNucci