Spirit Friends. June 1st

Total blackout. 75 minute séance.

Medium: Malcolm in cabinet. He was secured to the chair by cable ties to arms and legs.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. David. Sue. Dave.

NOTE: Malcolm and Sue were guests of the Circle. It was their first visit.

The energy within the lodge was high. There were shadows and foggy woolly mist seen by all sitters. There were also several small unexplained sounds heard within the séance period.

At the end of the séance it was witnessed by all sitters that the table had moved by a few inches from its normal position. *The table’s normal position is clearly marked with permanent marker drawn around each leg.

This phenomena was duly noted.

Next morning at 5.30am Chris woke up! She realised that there were items on top of the table which HAD NOT BEEN MOVED! Three tiny balls were carefully balanced and a piece of paper with a felt tipped pen (a round-barrelled pen) were laying there. THEY DID NOT MOVE when the table moved! Clearly when looking for things within the lodge, we were looking for items which had moved. We failed to notice things which had NOT moved, but which realistically should have done!

Malcolm and Sue were welcome guests and we hope they will come along to join us again : )

Chris DiNucci