Spirit Friends. May 18th

90 minute séance. Blackout conditions.

Medium: Brian in the cabinet with his arms and legs fastened to the chair with cable ties.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine, Paul, Dave and David.

NOTE: Christine had placed three cat-toy balls with bells inside then, in a triangular position beneath the chair within the cabinet. She had felt instructed to strap David’s arms to his chair and for David to be seated beside the chair in the north corner of the room. Brian was secured to the chair within the cabinet by cable ties to arms and legs and with a cord at his waist.

During the first part of the evening various creaking sounds were heard within the cabinet. For the most part the only sounds heard were our own ‘singing’.

During the latter part of the evening however activity was clearly again apparent and this included some interesting communication from The Chief, through Brian, who was in a deep trance state.

At the close of the séance David was brought out of trance state, as was Brian. The Chief had mentioned that spirit had been using David's energy that evening for experimental purposes.

When the light was switched on it was witnessed that the Medium’s chair had been moved 45deg within the cabinet and, what baffled Christine, was that the balls which she had placed carefully beneath the chair were exactly as they had been put there. They had NOT moved. This fried her brain in fact! The balls, you will understand are cat toys, they move easily, which is why they were being used for experimental purpose.
Yet UPON CARPET they did NOT move when a man who was strapped firmly into a plastic garden chair, was moved across the floor by 45deg. The carpet within the lodge is uneven, this is very apparent whenever Chris vacuums it. By all reasonable ‘earthly’ law, the carpet, and therefore the cat toy balls, SHOULD have moved.

Dave had just been chatting to the group about Gregory Haye, who communicates through Mick Avery during a radio programme broadcast live on Thursday evenings via the internet. The Chief made reference to this during his communication with us.

The recording of this seance has been made and Chris suggests that this is played at the next Spirits Aloud meeting for the benefit of all Circle members to hear.

Once again, a rewarding evening : )

Thanks to Brian, David and The Chief for their part in the proceedings. Thanks to the sitters and witnesses too, without ‘all’ this evenings events would not have been possible.

Chris DiNucci