Spirit Friends. Mar 16th

Red light conditions

Trance mediums: David and Brian
Sitters: Chris. Dave. Darlene. Helen.

Prior to the evenings sitting Chris went into the lodge around 3pm. She felt that there was a strong energy within the building which was not as usually felt. Chris felt 'edgy' as a result of this.

A short while later Chris e-mailed to Jon to tell him of her feeling. This was due to her feeling edgy and wanting the fact to be noted in advance of the seance. No other circle members were informed. Chris contrived to give David the key to the lodge so that he would enter before herself. She felt that he may then identify the 'entity'. This was not the case.

The evening's events proved to be unusual. David has a 'signature tune' which when played assures his trance development. This piece of music was played twice during the evening and failed to 'work'. David was puzzled by this.

Meanwhile Brian went into trance state and enabled a couple of 'light' communications.

Chris was aware of an entity around David all evening. This was exceptionally strong. She took it to be Yolanda (who was Dave's wife) but decided to say nothing to anyone. However the energy was stronger than is usual for it to be Yolanda .... so Chris wasn't certain. Chris felt the presence of 'the same' energy that had been within the building during the afternoon.

After the seance (with no prompting) David turned to Dave and gave detailed information of Yolanda' s anger and warnings towards him. Yolanda remained 'with David' after the seance closed. David therefore gave Dave further messages when we had returned to the house.

Chris cleansed the lodge on Saturday morning and again on Sunday. She 'told' Yolanda that her message had been passed on to Dave. Chris then asked that Yolanda allow other entities to communicate in future. Chris did this because Yolanda's presence was so strong and she is known to communicate very strongly and readily to the exclusion of others.

An interesting, but somewhat strange, evening.

Chris DiNucci