Spirit Friends. April 13th

Total blackout procedures were in place. 70 minute seance.

Medium: Brian, in the cabinet for the second time.

Sitters and witnesses: Christine, David, Dave, Helen

Note: Christine fastened straps (arms, legs, waist) in the cabinet. For the first time the pillow case was used. Sitters all wore glo tabs for the first time. This means that no-one can move around without others being aware of it. This is not through mistrust of circle members, but to get us used to inviting sceptics to join us, who won’t be trusting of us.

The first sounds from the cabinet were of Brian coughing (heavily). Various small creaking sounds were also heard at the same time.

About one third of the way through the séance, to the background of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ spirit attempted communication (from the cabinet). This sounded rather like the voice of a very heavy smoker on a very, very bad day! Further sounds, dull thuds, creaking, heavy breathing and ‘suction’ noises occurred also….some of these are unclearly audible on tape.

Further communication was made a little later. This time the voice was just about recognisable as The Chief (Brian’s gatekeeper). He said that the energy was better than last time. This communication was followed by various undefined ‘suction’ sounds coming from the cabinet.

During the séance sounds similar to footsteps were heard, this included a series of what appeared to be small running steps. Another sound, which was a bit like a spinning coin or a zip fastener was heard. Due to music and background noise these were not picked up on the tape recording, but were clearly witnessed.

All sitters witnessed ‘feelings’ and ‘seeing fog’. Luminous tabs were often obscured.

When the light was switched on at the end of the séance Brian’s trainer was found outside of the cabinet. The ankle restraining strap was around his left ankle. His right leg was tucked under his body, so that he was sitting on it. This would not be particularly easy for him to do (himself) with this arms and waist firmly secured. Also this position would not add to his comfort at all.

Note: Both Helen and Dave mentioned after the séance that they had suffered discomfort in the their middle fingers during the séance. Dave e-mailed next day to say that: According to reflexology: Reflexes stimulated in Helen’s left & Dave’s right middle finger last night related to, eyes, ears, brain & skull.

Helen was heard to cry out on tape…this was when she felt something touch her leg.
She is a sensible lady and not given to drama. Helen was seated in the North corner where previous activity has often been witnessed.

IMPORTANT The microphone needs to be further away from the music source.

NOTE: Christine forgot to say the closing prayer!!!
Tch....you pay peanuts and you get monkeys!

Chris DiNucci