Spirit Friends. May 11th

60 minute séance. Red light conditions.

Trance medium: David
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. Dave and Beverley (guest)

Please be aware that this report is not as objective as I would prefer. This is due to the unusual nature of the evenings events.

Beverley was asked to sit beside David in recognition of her wish to experience trance for herself. Things didn’t, however, turn out as expected.

David was soon sitting in an altered state of consciousness. I would say from my experience that this was a lighter state of trance than David usually works in….or at least a ‘different’ state to what is usual for him. Beverley too appeared to be in a trance-like state. The energies as ‘seen’ around the two mediums was not as smooth flowing as I have experienced, it seemed to me that there were attempts being made to blend two different forms of energy, rather like mixing icing sugar together with granulated sugar. Beverley was enabling the icing sugar part of the arrangement. This more refined energy form seemd more powerful than that around David.

Gradually the energies within the lodge itself appeared to change. I personally was not comfortable with this. I felt protective of the familiar feelings of friendly banter, love and trust that has always been felt within the building. This new form of energy became pervasive. I did not feel this to be an evil energy. It might best be described as a ‘golden white’ and purer form of energy than what we are used to feeling in the lodge. However, I was not ‘comfortable’. I personally was not happy within it.

Aside from the energy changes, something else was going on. An angel appeared, as seen within my mind, full height, complete with Christmas card wings! This angel was ‘sensed seen’ by myself clearly. I would say that the angel appeared through Beverley and became as one with her. *Please remember who I am, and that I am not given to ‘seeing’ oversized birds in the lodge! This experience was not something that I felt at ease about, possibly because I have never experienced this sort of thing before and was aware that Dave (the only other witness that evening) was less experienced than myself in this regard.

Happily ....Brother John communicated with us through David, explaining to us about the different, more refined energy surrounding Beverley. Several times he had difficulty holding the link with her Guide, who was very strong. Brother John said that a highly evolved entity, from the higher realms, was attempting to speak through Beverley, but was unable to do so.

After about 20 minutes Beverley began to cry from the onslaught of emotion she had been led to feeling. Brother John assured us that Beverley’s guides were supporting her. He then bid us good evening and withdrew. David, Dave and myself moved forward to comfort Beverley. Gradually she told us part of what has been happening to her over the past many years.

Beverley’s experience of the energy that is working with her is great. She has asked us to treat her further conversation with confidentiality. *So be it. I wish Beverley well as she continues to travel her path, as do David and Dave.

In all it was an interesting evening. I cannot possibly understand what’s been going on! I left the lodge last night hoping that the energies within the building return to ‘our normal’ as soon as possible. Right now I feel extremely grateful for my ‘less evolved’ state of being!

NOTE: *I hold a tape recording of the whole séance, which will only be used should it become genuinely helpful to anybody who finds themselves in the same position as Beverley and who therefore might gain comfort from knowing that they aren’t alone in their situation.

Chris DiNucci